How does it work?

One scan. One good deed. Very simple.

The hotel guest scans a QR code in the room to cancel cleaning for the next day.
The hotel automatically receives a list of all cancelled cleanings for the following day by e-mail.
The guest shows his code at the hotel bar and enjoys his reward.
Ein Smartphone zeigt den Vorgang der Abbestellung


A win-win-win-win situation.

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The hotel saves costs

Each cancelled cleaning lowers the running costs.
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The cleaning staff is relieved

There is a high shortage of service personnel, who are often overworked.
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The environment says thank you

Water, electricity, CO2 and chemicals for cleaning are saved.
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The hotel improves its image

Hotel guests are demonstrably placing more and more value on sustainability.
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The guests receive a reward

As a thank you for each cancelled cleaning, guests are rewarded with a free drink, for example.
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Environmental contribution for Project Wings

The environmental organization Project Wings receives one donation per dry cleaning ordered.


Prices & Conditions

Investment costs

0 €

Fixed costs

0 €

Software setup

0 €

System costs

0,50 € per cancelled cleaning

Freely selectable environmental contribution to Project Wings

according to individual agreement

- our service can be cancelled at any time -

Your environmental contribution makes a difference!

Your environmental contribution supports the non-profit organization Project Wings in its environmental protection projects.

As their main project, they are currently building the world's largest recycling village in Indonesia. They are also setting up waste management systems and are committed to humanitarian aid, species protection and nature conservation. In addition, they are involved in environmental education in Germany: With exciting project days, they introduce students* to sustainability topics and show them the effectiveness of their own commitment! For their work, Project Wings has won the Social Human Rights Award, among others.

Projekte von Project Wings
Urkunde WingsCoin

Track saved resources at any time!

We want to create a measurable impact. Together with various students, we have calculated how much electricity, CO2 and water are consumed per room cleaning in a German 2, 3, 4 or 5 star hotel, for example. We automatically multiply these values with the number of cancellations in your hotel and send you a certificate by e-mail every month. You can hang this above the reception desk, for example.

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About us

Technology meets environment.

Together we have developed WingsCoin.



For over 11 years, BRICKMAKERS has been working closely in partnership with its clientele as an agency for digitalization, helping to implement customized digital solutions in the field of digitalization, IoT and enterprise applications.

Projekt Wings Team

Project Wings gGmbH

We at Project Wings want to change the world! As a young team, we have made it our mission to realize projects and ideas that have a direct, positive and measurable impact.

We want to make environmental protection socially acceptable and make helping people fun again - both in Indonesia and in Germany!